Business Law & Litigation

Wilson C. Pasley is a Roanoke commercial lawyer who provides a full range of legal services to clients all across the state of Virginia. He handles every type of business commercial disputes. He even handles corporate entity disputes, like commercial tort claims and disputes involving partnerships, contracts, and corporate control.

Wilson has extensive experience with sophisticated business issues. He helps his clients with every aspect of their commercial litigation, from trial to arbitration hearings to appeal. Whether you are dealing with a breach of contract, business collections, shareholder and LLC member disputes, business torts or insurance coverage disputes, Wilson Pasley is a Roanoke commercial litigation attorney who can represent you.

Some of the commercial litigation areas he handles include:

If you need a commercial lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Wilson C. Pasley. Wilson will aggressively pursue your case to obtain the results you are looking for. To arrange a consultation with an experienced Roanoke commercial litigation attorney, call Wilson C. Pasley at 540-627-5026 today or by email!