Construction Disputes

Wilson C. Pasley is a reputable Roanoke, Virginia construction dispute lawyer serving professionals and the business community. With five years of courtroom experience and having prosecuted over 1000 cases, Roanoke construction dispute attorney Wilson C. Pasley will provide the legal backbone when you have a dispute during construction of a building or home.

Construction related disputes can bring a halt to even the most well-planned Virginia building projects. Whether the issue stems from contractual disputes between contractors and homeowners, non-payment to building suppliers or improper or negligent work, the assistance of a reputable Roanoke construction dispute lawyer like Wilson C. Pasley can assist in finding a cost-effective and efficient end to the dispute.

Roanoke construction dispute attorney at Law Wilson C. Pasley will represent Virginia homeowners, lenders, developers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals in construction-related litigation in Virginia state courts.

Wilson recognizes that construction disputes can cause significant cost increases that jeopardize profits as well as jeopardize important business relationships. Therefore, he provides legal advice and representation that protects his clients' current and long-term interests, while maintaining the business relationships that are necessary in construction projects.

If needed though, I can litigate a wide range of contract disputes for any type of businesses involved in the construction business. These disputes could involve: breach of contract claims, construction defect claims, delay and labor impact claims, payment and performance bond claims, payment dispute claims, and lien foreclosures.

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