Wrongful Debt Collection

Wilson C. Pasley is a reputable Roanoke, Virginia FDCPA claims lawyer serving professionals and the business community. With five years of courtroom experience and having prosecuted over 1000 cases, Roanoke FDCPA claims attorney Wilson C. Pasley will provide the legal backbone when your business needs to defend FDCPA Claims.

There are both federal and state laws offering protections to people who are in debt and are being harassed by debt collectors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act offers a variety of protections in cases involving collection agencies (as opposed to the actual creditor).

Though a credit card company can do and say certain things and remain legal, a collection agency cannot do or say the same things or those actions would be a violation of the FDCPA and make the collection agency subject to a claim for damages.

If you have a FDCPA claim against you or your business don't delay, contact Roanoke, Virginia FDCPA claim attorney Wilson C. Pasley to see what legal options you may have.