Criminal Law

Whether you are facing criminal charges in municipal, state, or federal court, Wilson can defend your charges. Wilson C. Pasley represents individuals charged with a wide variety of criminal and DUI charges in Virginia:

Drunk Driving

The state of Virginia takes drunk driving very seriously. Whether this is your first Roanoke DUI, or if it is a subsequent charge, you are facing severe penalties upon conviction. Wilson C. Pasley has significant experience in cases involving DUID, DUI refusal, DUI, boating while intoxicated, and more

Sexual Offenses

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you will not only have to face hard time and steep fines, you will also be put on the Virginia sex offender registry. Criminal defense attorney Wilson C. Pasley helps his clients fight all sorts of Virginia sexual offense charges, including sexual assault, rape, indecent exposure, child sex abuse, child pornography, prostitution, and all other alleged sex crimes.

Drug Crimes

Wilson C. Pasley tenaciously defends clients against all types of drug charges such as drug possession, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, and drug sales.

Violent Crimes

Many assault and domestic violence charges come from false allegations or misunderstandings. A conviction will forever change your life. A Roanoke criminal lawyer can set the record straight for violent crime charges, including assault and battery, robbery, murder, manslaughter, domestic assault and battery, malicious wounding, and abduction.

Property Crimes

The law surrounding property crimes is complex. Wilson knows how to investigate the facts of your case and prepare the strongest defense possible. He fights all property crimes, including burglary, theft, shoplifting, fraud, forgery, credit card offenses, embezzlement, white collar crimes, and arson.Wilson C. Pasley offers a complete range of services and even offers services for Expunging criminal records. He serves all people regardless of age, creed, gender, nationality, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation.

For an aggressive and practices Roanoke criminal law defense attorney, contact Wilson C. Pasley. He will fight his hardest to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. Protect your freedom, and your life. Call Roanoke criminal lawyer Wilson C. Pasley today to take the first step in fighting your Virginia criminal charges.