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The Importance Of Reputable Bankruptcy Assistance

Bankruptcy plays an important role in restoring the financial independence of people across the country. Unfortunately, some non-attorney advisers attempt to exploit that importance for their own benefit.

Finding a reputable bankruptcy provider is extremely important. This importance is highlighted by the recent bankruptcy court decision punishing an unscrupulous bankruptcy provider in Chicago. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Virginia sanctioned Law Solutions Chicago (doing business as the inaptly-named “UpRight Law”). The sanctions totaled more than $300,000 against the attorneys and its bankruptcy filing privileges were revoked. 

UpRight Law, rather than providing legitimate bankruptcy representation, had used sales agents and non-attorneys to engage its clients in a car towing scam. Under the scam, the clients were encouraged to hide their cars during the repossession process so they could instead have a third-party tow truck company come get the car. The car would then be auctioned, despite the bank’s interest in the car, and funds from that sale would be used to pay UpRight Law for the bankruptcy.

According to Director Cliff White of the Executive Office for U.S. Trustees, “This case is demonstrative of the vigorous enforcement actions that the U.S. Trustee Program can and will take to protect all stakeholders in the bankruptcy process.” Those stakeholders include effective attorneys that debtors can count on for effective representation.

Do not hesitate to demand ethical representation from bankruptcy counsel. Ethical bankruptcy representation protects your interests and those of the entire bankruptcy system.