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Roanoke firm stands ready to assist with child custody issues

Our last post on the blog discussed substance abuse and the profound impact it can have on children. Since it can have a tremendous effect on children, substance abuse issues should be aggressively litigated when brought up in the context of a child custody dispute. After all, the presence of substance abuse, if presented to the court effectively, can result in reduced or even eliminated contact with one’s child. Therefore, when confronting this issue, there is often a lot at stake.

But substance abuse is not the only factor that can play a role in a child custody or visitation determination. Issues such as domestic violence, the child’s relationship with the parent, the child’s ability to retain close connections to other family members and a parent’s financial ability to care for the child can all be crucial in the outcomes of these disputes. Parents who are unable to present their position in an aggressive and persuasive way may find themselves in danger of losing their relationship with their child.

With so much on the line, Virginians owe it to themselves to seek assistance in dealing with these matters. A skilled family law attorney will know how to gather and utilize pertinent evidence to build a case that supports an individual’s position on child custody and visitation. These arguments, which should have a strong legal foundation, can be utilized during negotiations in an attempt to reach a resolution that is fair and favorable. If that doesn’t work, then a competent attorney can litigate the matter in front of a judge.

The legal team at Wilson C Pasley PC has handled countless child custody cases. We have a strong record of success in helping Virginia families find solutions to their challenging child custody and visitation issues, even if that means litigating the matter in court. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard, but we always craft our arguments to address what is most important in these matters: the child’s best interests.