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Take advantage of advanced technology as a non-custodial parent

Even if you were the one who took the initial step by filing a divorce petition in a Virginia court, it doesn't mean it was easy to leave your kids. Adapting to a new lifestyle as a non-custodial parent typically takes time, patience and a lot of effort. Especially if your relationship with your ex is less than amicable, you might have worried how living with their other parent might negatively influence your children's attitude toward you.

How automatic stays in Chapter 13 can help

Anyone can fall on hard financial times. The sudden loss of a job, the onset of an unexpected medical condition, even caring for aging loved ones can strain an individual's finances. Typically, these individuals try to do everything they can to stay afloat, even at the expense of their own emotional and fiscal well-being. Sadly, though, far too often these efforts are for naught because individuals in debt often wind up stuck in a spiral that only drives them deeper and deeper into debt.

Divorce, property division, and the marital home

During marital dissolution, the property division process can be amongst the most contentious. There's good reason for this conflict, too. After all, the outcome of property division sets the stage for each individual's post-divorce financial situation. Therefore, those who neglect to aggressively pursue an outcome that furthers their best interests may wind up being taken advantage of.

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