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Consider having a legal ally during child custody dispute

There are a number of factors that can play into a child custody determination. We recently discussed the impact domestic violence can have on children and the role it can play in child custody disputes, but there are other significant issues that can be determinative in these conflicts. Substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, financial resources, existing relationships, and even proximity to school and other family members can all be instructive to a court trying to resolve a child custody disagreement.

With so many factors in play, a parent has a lot of options when developing their legal arguments. It’s important to remember that child custody and visitation decisions are made in accordance with a child’s best interest, so all legal strategies need to be sure to address those interests. So, a parent could present evidence that demonstrates how the other parent’s drug use negatively affects the child’s physical and emotional well-being, or they could put forth evidence that shows that the other parent doesn’t have appropriate financial resources to meet the child’s needs.

The particular arguments made in a given case are heavily dictated by the facts at hand. However, those facing child custody disputes need to make sure they are aggressive to protect their child’s interests. At Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, we know what’s at stake in these cases. That is why we take the time to uncover the strongest evidence possible to support our clients’ positions. Time and again, our firm has demonstrated the ability to obtain positive results for our clients, whether through negotiation or litigation.

Dealing with a child custody dispute can be highly emotional. By having a competent legal ally by your side, you can rest assured that your and your children’s best interests are as protected as possible.