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Focusing on your career after divorce

Divorce can change many different aspects of your life, having a major impact on your daily schedule, your relationship with your children and your finances. For many people, divorce affects their job, both in positive and negative ways. For example, some people cannot focus on work because of divorce-related stressors, while others are able to devote themselves to their careers and work more hours.

It is important to prevent a divorce from adversely affecting different aspects of your life, especially when it comes to your career. Fortunately, research suggests that many people benefit in terms of their careers after getting divorced.

Looking at statistics on divorce and career progress

For some people, ending a marriage opens the door to better job opportunities and makes it easier to concentrate on work. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, research shows that women who end their marriage work outside of their houses 7% more. By working more frequently, many people are able to increase their earnings and have more financial independence and security, which can also bring different emotional benefits.

Looking into the ways in which divorce can benefit your career

Sometimes, getting divorced allows people to relocate in order to find a more suitable position or a higher-paying job. Furthermore, moving on from a dysfunctional marriage can provide peace of mind and allow people to focus on their careers more. For example, some people decide to go back to college or pursue training to take their careers to the next level because of the mental and financial freedom they have after a divorce.