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When a gaming addiction results in divorce

Whether you are struggling with an addiction to gaming or your spouse is always playing games, there are various topics to go over when it comes to the end of your marriage. For example, gaming addictions sometimes complicate the divorce process, whether someone fails to spend enough time dealing with divorce issues or a couple struggles due to a lack of communication. Moreover, gaming addictions can even cause a marriage to fail and are sometimes the primary reason why a couple files for divorce. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 782,000 couples ended their marriage in 2018.

If you have a problem with gaming, whether you are always on the computer or using a console, it is very important to make sure you devote enough mental energy to your divorce and understand what is at stake.

Addressing your addiction so you can focus on divorce

Gaming addictions are often very time-consuming and you could have a hard time battling your addiction in order to focus on the end of your marriage. However, your future is at stake, especially if you have kids or significant assets. From alimony and child support to the outcome of a custody battle, the way in which your divorce plays out could impact your life for many years. Even though it is usually very difficult, try to find more time to handle divorce-related matters.

Addressing divorce when your spouse has a gaming addiction

If your marital partner is always playing games, you need to think about your individual circumstances and determine the best path forward. Try to remain understanding with regard to your spouse’s addiction and reach out to them, if doing so is in your best interests. In some instances, communication is virtually impossible and it is necessary to work through your divorce alone. If you are a parent, your child’s best interests must remain a top priority.