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What do you know about recovering from bankruptcy?

You feel that filing for bankruptcy in Virginia represents the most favorable way to resolve your current financial woes. Before you file, you want to get a head start on your financial recovery. 

Forbes offers tips for bouncing back from bankruptcy. Know which steps get you to financial peace of mind sooner rather than later. 

Use credit monitoring services

Once you file for bankruptcy, sign up for free credit score and credit monitoring. Such services help you gauge your efforts to rebuild your credit, and you may receive special offers from creditors willing to work with you. Even if you receive approval for a credit card, use it wisely. That means using the card as little as possible, making on-time payments and paying your card off to avoid interest. 

Apply for secured credit cards

It may surprise you to learn that credit card companies may send you offers several weeks after you discharge bankruptcy debt. Before you accept the first offer you receive, know that secured cards often make the most favorable choice for consumers in your position. Even though you must put down a deposit before opening a secured credit account, the card offers you the chance to strengthen your credit score. Use the card wisely by making at least one monthly card purchase that you pay off in full before interest charges hit. 

Know (and remember) what lead to your bankruptcy

What bad habits led to you declaring bankruptcy? Redefine and rediscover your relationship with money, and acknowledge past financial mistakes so you do not make them again. 

Bankruptcy could become a blessing in disguise. Focus more on your financial recovery rather than the damage.