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How can parental alienation change your child?

Children who suffer from parental alienation almost always show signs of it. After all, the alienating parent often utilizes abusive techniques to get their way. These marks of abuse will show in most kids even after a small amount of time.

But how exactly do these signs manifest? If you notice them, is there anything you can do about it?

The origin of parental alienation

Psychology Today discusses the potential impact of parental alienation on your child. Parental alienation occurs when the alienating parent (your co-parent) wishes to destroy your relationship with your child. They may have many reasons for doing this. In the end, they are all selfish, as parental alienation damages both you and your child. Courts classify parental alienation as a form of child psychological abuse due to the tactics often utilized. This means your co-parent would rather abuse your child than let you hold their affection.

Symptoms of abuse

As a child of abuse, they may show several different signs to indicate their mistreatment. Some will lash out at others. This can include getting into fights with peers and disregarding figures of authority. They may seem snappish and easy to anger, too.

Others will withdraw. They may seem riddled with guilt and self-blame. They could grow sullen and depressed. They may also disengage from their peers, refusing to branch out and make contact.

The biggest sign often comes in the form of how they interact with you. In a successful case of alienation, a child will begin to resent the alienated parent. If you notice your child suddenly showing great resentment toward you out of nowhere or refusing to spend time with you, consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you navigate these tricky waters.