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What is the 341 meeting?

Whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you may only speak with two people throughout the entire bankruptcy process: your attorney and the trustee. Then your attorney lets you know you might have to talk with the people you owe money to.

After you filed your petition in Roanoke at the Western District of Virginia Courthouse, the courts assigned you a trustee to handle your financial affairs during the bankruptcy. As part of the procedure, the trustee will schedule a meeting with the creditors.

The 341 meeting

The 341 meeting involves you, the trustee and possibly the creditors. The meeting occurs three to six weeks after you file the bankruptcy petition. The trustee and creditors may ask questions about the reason you filed and verify other information in your bankruptcy documents.

Trustee questions

The trustee will ask you to answer questions under oath. These are basic questions that may include:

  • What is the reason you are filing for bankruptcy?
  • Have you filed bankruptcy before?
  • Is everything in your documents true and correct?
  • Did you list all your creditors?

The trustee will turn the meeting over to the creditors once the trustee decides your answers are true and correct.

Creditor questions

In most cases, the creditors may not show at the meeting. If they do, it is because they want to clarify some things, including:

  • Recent charges or cash advances
  • Discrepancies in your bankruptcy documents
  • Your plan to deal with secured debts

Your attorney will attend the meeting with you. He or she will not ask you questions but may help you understand those asked by the trustee and creditors.