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I am Wilson C. Pasley, a Roanoke, Virginia, DUI lawyer ready to fight for your rights.

I am a former prosecutor and now provide comprehensive legal criminal defense services for serious criminal charges such as DUI (driving under the influence) in Roanoke County and the city of Roanoke.

Roanoke drunk driving cases are complicated to prosecute if the Roanoke DUI defense attorney holds the prosecution to proper scientific standards. Unlike other crimes in Roanoke, Virginia, this is, in some ways, an opinion crime.

In other words, it is the opinion of the officer involved that causes a driver to be charged with a DUI. It involves subjective observations by the officer, which should be challenged aggressively. An officer, predisposed to look for a drunk driver, should be forced to thoroughly explain all of his or her observations and opinions.

Technical points of the law determine whether a traffic stop is permissible and whether evidence gathered as a result of that stop will be admissible at trial. Wilson C. Pasley can provide the expertise to analyze each case thoroughly and with a keen eye for these specific issues. Furthermore, breath and bodily fluid analysis can be flawed.

DUI In Roanoke, VA

Driving under the influence is defined as driving or operating an automobile or motor vehicle while under the influence of any alcohol or any narcotic drug or other self-administered drug or while having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more.

“Under the influence” is a conclusory phrase, and a determination of whether one is or isn’t is subjective. For this reason, a detailed analysis of all the evidence to be presented in a DUI case is essential to ensure that every possible defense is uncovered and explored.

Underage DUI Driving Under The Influence

An underage DUI is committed in Roanoke, Virginia, when a person under 21 drives after illegally consuming alcohol or with a blood alcohol content of .02 or higher.

Due to the serious nature of underage DUI-related charges in the city of Roanoke or Roanoke County, it is important that every possible defense is explored. In many cases, there is a defense. Again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLEAD GUILTY.

What to do if you’ve been charged with DUI in the city of Roanoke or Roanoke County, Virginia?

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence in the city or county of Roanoke, Virginia, you’re facing criminal charges that can have long-lasting and serious effects on your life.

Our system of criminal justice can be complex and overwhelming and you need someone who can help guide you through the process and who will fight for your rights at every level.

Call me, Roanoke drunk driving defense attorney Wilson C. Pasley, at 540-627-5026 for a free initial consultation to discuss your driving under the influence charges.

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