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Your Child’s Best Interests

After a paternity action or a divorce, life moves on. Family dynamics, job opportunities, incomes and other factors may change substantially, making an existing child custody or support order unworkable. In some circumstances, there may be valid and important reasons to move with the children. In other circumstances, a custodial parent’s choice to move away from an ex-spouse may not serve the interests of the children. Post-judgment family court disputes can be difficult to resolve without the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

When you are dealing with a parental relocation dispute or are involved in either pursuing or fighting a divorce modification, you can depend on me to provide you with the representation you need. At my firm, Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, I have committed my career to the legal needs of clients throughout the Roanoke, Virginia, area.

Experience Counts

I have practiced as an attorney for nearly 15 years. I strive to resolve high-conflict parenting disputes efficiently and effectively. As a skilled courtroom lawyer, I am fully prepared to fight to protect the best interests of clients in litigation. I understand how the law works in this area, and I can put that knowledge to work for you in a variety of matters, including:

  • Parental relocation for a job
  • Child support modifications
  • Changes in circumstances post-divorce
  • Enforcement of child support orders in a divorce decree or after paternity has been established
  • Child custody disputes

Judges in this area of law are required to protect the best interests of your child. Whichever situation best serves the child is the one the court is going to pursue.

To help you make your best case, I will work with you personally to understand the details of your situation. It is often those details that lay the foundation for a successful case.

Learn More About What I Can Do For You

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